How to shoot irresistible product images

Product photos help encourage visitors to your eBay or Etsy page, or even your own website, to take a more in depth look at the item you are selling
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You don’t have to be a web designer or even computer literate to show your products in perfect light and with all the right details. You can make your products really stand out with just a few simple photo editing techniques.
Learn how to shoot those irresistible product images and capture your buyer’s attention in our article How to take better product photographs

You may also want to use your product photography in your flyers and newsletters. 'Creating and printing your own business flyers' shows you how to set up your printer, the kind of layout you should be using, and what types of printer ink and toner cartridges will be suitable.

What would you do if your photos on your phone were irretrievably lost?

Nearly everybody as a smartphone these days, and nearly everyone is a photographer.  Snapping millions of images on a daily basis of lunches, sunsets, kids, friends, selfies, and pets (cats, there’s millions of cats!).

But have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost all those precious memories? Should something happen to your phone, laptop or tablet and your photos become lost forever it would be devastating.

So what can you do to keep your photos secure? Find out in this article from

A Clear Desk Is A Clear Mind

A Clear Desk Is A Clear Mind, apparently."There's no doubt in my mind that a clear and tidy desk is more aesthetically pleasing than a desk piled high in paperwork. But Keeping up the appearance of a well organised work colleague can be an arduous task involving lots of planning."

Explore the pro's and con's of a tidy desk with Ian Wilson's, of', hilarious article about a year in the life of the office desk 

Find is article here
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The Selfie takes on a new 3D look

3D printing has generally been restricted to a 3D printer, until nowHolograms are generally used to authenticate products or currency notes and need very expensive printers to produce them. That’s what makes bank notes and other security labels so hard to copy and counterfeit.

But a team of researchers from MIT, who have launched a company called Lumii technology, have developed a technique to produce ‘hologram selfies’, i.e. an image with a 3D effect.
Usually 3D images are create using a ‘lenticular lens’ which, in reality only produces a 2D effect, this new technique uses true 3D parallax movement, visible in all directions without the need for finding the right ‘eye line’ to really see the effect.
The holographic image capture uses an inkjet printer and printer ink to print images which are then layered on top of each other to produce a 3D hologram.

The company describes their innovative invention as “light field hologram selfies". But creating selfies is not the aim of the compan…

New Products: Brother TN3430 and Brother TN3480 Toner Cartridges

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